Who doesn’t love coming home to a happy pet after a long day of work? And what about cozy evenings spent cuddled on the couch or mornings waking up to something licking your hand? Pets have a way of brightening our lives and our homes. It’s only fitting that we find homes in which they’ll be happy.

At The Circle Apartments, we realize how important pet-friendly apartments are for you and your pet’s happiness. Keep reading to learn more about why life at our apartments would be great for your pets.

The Benefits of Owning a Pet

First, let’s get into the benefits of owning a pet. According to the CDC, “pets can increase opportunities to exercise, get outside, and socialize.” This added exercise leads to lower cholesterol levels, decreased blood pressure, and greater general well-being. There is also research to suggest that pet owners are happier people too. Here at The Circle Apartments, we prioritize living happy, which is why we have created a space where you and your pets can thrive.

Spacious Living

Our spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom townhomes provide more than enough room for your pets to lounge. They will love having their own space while still being able to reach their favorite human whenever necessary. And when your little friend gets stir-crazy, our beautiful grounds are perfect for a walk, with Pet Waste Stations throughout the community to make cleanup quick and easy.

The Ideal Location

The Circle Apartments pet-friendly apartments are at a prime coastal location in Long Beach, CA. This means your pets will always have easy access to walks or runs on the beach, and Recreation Dog Park is only five minutes away. We are also walking distance from dozens of local shops and restaurants that you and your pets will be excited to explore. Life isn’t ruff for pets when they have so many options for time outside!

In addition to dogs, cats are always welcome at the Circle Apartments at Long Beach. Animals like guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, and other small pets are allowed as long as they are caged and kept in a sanitary condition. We ask that you come to management for approval for any additional or other pets not already mentioned. We also have breed restrictions due to size and behavior traits. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them.

We are very excited to provide such a positive environment for you and your pets. Your pets are part of the family too, so they deserve all the best. We know they will love life at The Circle Apartment at Long Beach!