If you love to hike, you are definitely living in the right place! California has thousands of trails to choose from across the state. But did you know that there are some great nearby hiking trails too? Here are the best hiking trails near Long Beach that you should check out this season:

Arroyo Pescadero and Deer Loop Trail

This gorgeous 2.6-mile trail is a great hike for all skill levels! There isn’t much shade, however, so make sure your group is covered in terms of water and sunscreen. A camera is a necessity on this trail, as you’ll come across beautiful wildflowers, striking scenery, and adorable bunnies and birds! It may be a good idea to plan your trip for off-peak times to accommodate for parking. 

Turnbull Canyon

If you consider yourself a moderately advanced hiker, this 2.4-mile “out and back” trail might be for you! Its challenging inclines will definitely give you the workout you desire. At the top of the trail, you’ll reach the water tower and have some pretty spectacular views of LA on a clear day! Again, water and sunscreen are a must, as it is another low-shade trail. Consider a weekday trip to avoid crowds on this much-loved trail!

Dominguez Gap Wetlands Project

If you’re looking for an easy trail without much incline, this is it! It is a nature path next to the river, and you may see wildflowers and likely plenty of wildlife, despite it being in an urban area. This two-mile loop is a great cloudy-day hike, as you will have extra shade without compromising any views. 

We hope you’ll try one of these nearby hiking trails and spend this season enjoying California’s beautiful landscapes! As a reminder, please be cautious when hiking. Be aware that rattlesnakes do live in some of these areas (specifically mentioned in reviews for Turnbull Canyon), but they are not aggressive if you don’t agitate them. So, be respectful, and enjoy the trail. Always hike in groups, and have fun learning from those who have experience in the outdoors. Going on guided hikes is another great way to feel comfortable while enjoying California’s great landscapes! Any way you go about it, get outside and enjoy this beautiful state!