Spring is in the air! Many would agree that spring is a season of hope, excitement, and energy. So do we! Here are six family-friendly activities you can do to enjoy the beauty of spring.

1. Open the Windows

Southern California has a variety of aromatic plants that spread their fragrance throughout the air during springtime. Open the windows and invite those invigorating scents inside your apartment!

2. Notice the Newness Around You

Spring is full of chirping birds, blooming blossoms, and new greenery from the winter rainfall. Appreciate the new sights by driving around your community or through a nearby canyon.

3. Participate in Spring Cleaning

Out with the old, and in with the new! Deep cleaning is a great way to celebrate the newness of Spring, and it is a family-friendly activity. Research also shows that cleanliness may be associated with better health and less stress—another great reason to grab a mop and start cleaning!

4. Revise Your Budget

The mild spring temperatures may help you save money on utilities. Consider using that leftover money towards an activity that your family can enjoy together. Some ideas are buying a new game for a family theme night, having an ice cream party inside, or buying a new family favorite toy to take to the mountains or the beach once the statewide lockdown is lifted.

5. Celebrate Holidays

Spring is full of fun holidays: Easter, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day are the most popular.

However, don’t limit yourself to these traditional celebrations! Spring has plenty of fun and goofy holidays, like National Pretzel Day, National Superhero Day, and International Jazz Day. Celebrating these unique holidays can bring your family closer together.

6. Appreciate New Flavors

Juicy apricots, crisp spinach, and plump strawberries are some of the spring produce stars that you can enjoy. With the seasonal change, swap out your winter produce go-tos for some spring produce, and try new recipes! Here’s a list of in-season fruits and veggies, with plenty of accompanying recipes to enjoy with your family!

There are a variety of family-friendly activities to keep you busy during spring. Follow some of the ideas above to begin new traditions and make new memories with your family!